Your Home Office: Everything You Need to Succeed

One of two things may happen while setting up a functional home office. First, you may either underestimate or overestimate what you need to set up and run your office. In either case, you may find yourself struggling. This article will help you develop a streamlined itemization for what you need in a functional home office and things to consider. Check the items you need and those that you might need to add. 


This is the most essential item in your office. Many home workers ask if PCs or laptops are better. It depends on your preferences, needs, and the work you are doing. If the kind of work you are doing requires you to go a lot, getting a laptop is a good idea. If you are doing projects like graphic designs, you’ll likely need a powerful computer. In this way, a PC will be a great choice. 

Strong internet connection

Internet connection is essential for your home office, and I anticipate you to go for a wide bandwidth to make the most of your time. You need good signals and stability to do your work without interruption. Therefore, sign in with a reputable service provider. 

A strong internet connection is essential to keep in contact with your client and to work productively. This is true especially for freelancers, as they need to be more responsive. Being responsive is an integral part of keeping clients happy. Additionally, it allows you to work with the best clients and establish a long-term collaboration with them, which will increase your career stability and income. 


You need a desk, a chair and a closet to store files, books or various documents. Whichever the item, make sure it is functional and adaptable to your needs. And now that good posture is essential during your workday, you may need an ergonomic desk and chair. 

With recent technology and advances, there are pieces of furniture that are very functional and comfortable.


Paper clips, staplers, highlighters are among many items you need on a day-to-day basis and what you may need at some point. Therefore, it’s essential to have a basic office supply kit. 

Although this sounds obvious, thousands of home workers don’t take it into account. But they usually waste a lot of time going out and shopping for office supplies whenever they need them. However, if you list down what you need or use daily, you can save your precious time and focus back on what you do the best. 

Add your own personal touch. 

Adding your personal touch is essential to making your office your own. Your office is yours, and so you may as well decorate it. 

Having a personal touch in your office will make you happy, and this happiness is what you need while handling your tasks. Your clients will take note whenever you communicate with them. They’ll notice your confidence, and in the end, they’ll trust and assign you more work. As a result, your job career will take off and even get better.   

An external monitor

If you have a desktop computer, you’ll need a monitor (but only necessary if it can be helpful and easier on your neck). Depending on the kind of work you are doing, you may consider dual monitors.


This is an essential element but is often overlooked. Smartphones or home phones are complementary to your IP voice tools. 

If you use a home phone, make sure you have a specific line for keeping in contact with your contacts. Good communication helps you maintain the best relationship with your clients. And if you satisfy clients with quality work and on-time response, they’ll refer you to other clients who need your services.  Some good options for smartphone networking include Republic Wireless.

Memos and notepads 

Regardless of your specialty, memos and notepads are vital as they help you prioritize, create plans, and write down ideas. Different materials can suit everyone’s needs and make every home office a bit personalized. 

Remember, having paper on you helps you stay organized. In addition, tools like Asana, Reedsy’s book editor or Trello allow you to organize your work.

If you are not familiar with these tools, I recommend you to try them. 

Charging accessories

You are likely to carry around various devices at all times. Smartphone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch, and the list is endless. You need to ensure that these devices have the battery power to keep them going. With that, charging accessories are essential. These gadgets have multiple ports and quick-charge abilities. After all, nothing makes you a slower worker more abruptly than a dead computer.

Adequate lighting 

Adequate lighting is vital for productivity and a comfortable working environment. In addition, you need a good lighting level to prevent headaches, eye strain. 

A backup drive 

You need a backup drive to protect your data once your home office is up running. Of course, you can copy your files automatically using cloud-based backup services. But it’s also essential to have an in-house backup in place. Backup drives are relatively affordable and can save your business in case of computer failure.   

Audio speakers

Speakers are products that are often not considered when it comes to choosing home office items. However, you may sometimes find yourself pressing the volume up high while in a webinar or zoom call. Therefore, I recommend treating yourself to a decent set of speakers for the days that you need a little bit of noise. Quality sound is a factor not to overlook. Purchase speakers that contain a subwoofer for better quality listening experience. 

A printer

Depending on the kind of job you are doing, you may need or sometimes not need a printer. However, there may be occasions when you wish to make copies, scan, or print. Have a multipurpose machine in your home office that can manage all these tasks.

The bottom line 

Organizing your home office doesn’t need to be challenging. You only need a few essential items, and you are set. So list down things that you need to keep your office running and go for them. After all, it is these few elements that you need in your home office to stay productive.  Rose Rosie is a writer for the personal finance website, Joy Wallet, which provides readers with useful information, resources, and tools to help maximize their financial fitness.

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