Tips on finding the right ghostwriter

If you have been thinking about hiring a ghostwriter, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. These tips should be able to help you narrow down choices and find the right ghostwriter for your project.

Look for Ghostwriters Who Stay Busy

You definitely want to choose a ghostwriter who stays busy. If you come across a ghostwriter the doesn’t have any other work on the horizon or hasn’t finished work for anyone else in a while then it could be a good indication that they have been unable to keep clients. Most people know the value of an excellent ghostwriter and will continue using a good one when they find them. In general, people who are active on fanfiction sites such as Commaful are great candidates for ghostwriters.

Look for Ghostwriters Who Specialize

Ghostwriters who say that they can “write anything” will usually write a much lower quality level than those who specialize. Some ghostwriters do really well with fiction but not so well with nonfiction. Others only do well with certain types of nonfiction or fiction. They should be able to give you a list of the things that they write best.

Look for Ghostwriters Who Charge a Fair Price

You don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for ghostwriting, but you also don’t want to go with the cheapest ghostwriter that you come across. A professional ghostwriter will charge anywhere from two cents per word to five cents per word with the highest year being reserved by those who are well-known in the business. A writer who is willing to write for less than that will usually not give you the quality that you want.

Look for Ghostwriters Who Will Maintain Your Privacy

You definitely want to find a ghostwriter that will maintain your privacy and not show your books to future clients. Often, ghostwriters ask their clients for reviews, but the name of the author and the books that they have ghostwritten for them are kept private and never disclosed. While some clients may not care that people know that their book was ghostwritten, others will; and privacy is a very good policy to maintain.

Look for Ghostwriters Who Have Samples

While you shouldn’t expect a ghostwriter to share the names of books that he or she has ghostwritten in the past, they should have some available samples for you to look at. This is usually fiction that they have written under their own name or for themselves. If they do not have any samples, you may want to ask them to write a short passage in the genre or topic area that you are considering hiring them for.

Look for Ghostwriters Who Take Their Time

You also want to find a ghostwriter that takes their time. A ghostwriter who rushes through the book is going to create a much lower quality product than the one that takes their time and ensures that every paragraph is correct. Sometimes, entire chapters have to be rewritten halfway through the book and any ghostwriter who is been in the business for a while knows this and will take it into account.

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